Car Crash and Pedestrian Fatalities Sharply Increase over 2021 Statistics

Up to this point, 2022 has been a dangerous year for NYC traffic fatalities. It contrasts with earlier years when traffic deaths had been declining.

A New York Post article based its information on NYPD records, which indicated that 58 deaths due to car accidents (including pedestrians) occurred January 1, 2022 through April 3, 2022. This compared with 43 deaths during the same period in 2021. The increase is 35 percent, which is shocking.

For the past four years, each year has showed an increased number of traffic deaths. Traffic deaths were:

  • 220 deaths in 2019
  • 243 deaths in 2020
  • 275 deaths in 2021

Prior to the past four years, NYC traffic deaths had been on a steady decline since 1990.

What Changed? Possible Reasons for Increased NYC Traffic Fatalities

Some of the possible reasons for increased accident deaths include:

  • Reduction of NYPD enforcement
  • A 57 percent post-pandemic NYPD decrease in summonses issued for hazardous driving violations (387,469 summonses in 2021 compared with 902,482 summonses in 2019)
  • The decline in drunk driving arrests is comparable. Driving while intoxicated arrests also dropped 56 percent. (2,583 in 2021 compared with 5,826 in 2019)

During the pandemic, the number of NYPD officers, who were out sick increased. In addition, the number of officers assigned to deal with civil unrest rose, which reduced the number of officers dealing with traffic.

New York City is not alone regarding these statistical changes. Other large cities have experienced similar increases in traffic fatalities. In fact, the uptrend in traffic accidents and fatalities over recent years has also been occurring nationwide.

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