Father and Children Survive Car Crash on NYC Sidewalk

A NYC pedestrian accident occurred in Crown Heights as a father and his two children headed toward the subway.

The New York Post reported that the accident occurred close to 8:00 a.m. as Marco Diaz, age 48, and his two sons, August (11 years old) and Alex ( nine years old) walked down the sidewalk.

Details of the Accident

Through his peripheral vision, Diaz became aware of a car barreling toward him and his sons. It allowed him enough time to react and jump out of the way.

The driver lost control of the vehicle while traveling on Nostrand Avenue. The only audible sound was the car’s tires hitting the curb before the car leaped onto the sidewalk. August dove out of the way, and Diaz grabbed Alex. He said Alex’s face was at the same height as the car’s grill when he lifted him away from the car. Diaz absorbed the major impact of the crash, at which point Alex flew out of his hands and landed on the car’s hood.

The impact threw Diaz into the closed gate of the Two Saints bar, located on the corner. Fortunately, the driver also hit the gate, which acted like a barrier. It left enough space between Diaz and the indented gate so that he wasn’t struck again. Alex rolled off the hood, hit the ground and bounced back about four feet. Diaz crawled away from the car and found Alex.

His older son August suffered injury when diving out of the way, but was able to get up and walk to his father.

According to Diaz, strangers in the area promptly tended to him and his family.

Ambulances transported Diaz, the Brooklyn father, and his sons to Methodist Hospital. Diaz suffered from a sprained ankle ligament and had to use crutches. His boys suffered only minor cuts and bruises. The fact that they did not suffer serious injuries was miraculous.

Underlying Factors Regarding the NYC Pedestrian Accident in Queens

The driver remained at the accident scene and authorities took him into custody. His blood alcohol tested zero. Video footage showed that he had tried to switch lanes to avoid another accident. Subsequently, he lost control of his car.

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