How Does OSHA Help Prevent Construction Accidents?

NY construction accidents still occur despite the efforts of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which offers programs and guidelines to prevent workplace injuries and deaths. It also regulates safety standards for the construction industry.

More specifically, OSHA creates programs that help identify all workplace hazards and creates plans to control and prevent such hazards. Their plans involve company management and worker participation in the form of training, education and safety equipment and procedures.

Will Workers Compensation and Health Insurance Be Enough?

The answer is “no.” OSHA mentions that workers compensation benefits are insufficient and that medical insurance is inadequate to deal with injuries and illness. (Injury and Illness Prevention Programs)

OSHA states that since the OSH Act was passed, workplace deaths and injuries dropped more than 60 percent. Even so, it says the injury and death rates are unacceptable. In fact, most injuries and deaths are preventable.

OSHA in 2012 stated the following:

  • More than 4,500 construction deaths occur every year
  • Every day 12 workers die on the job
  • More than 4.1 million workers suffer serious work-related injury or illness every year

What About Regulation of Serious Violations?

OSHA defines a serious violation as one where “there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result…” [OSH Act, Section 17 (k)].

OSHA’s maximum fines for violations in 2020 are as follows:

  • Serious violations: $13,494
  • Willful or repeated serious violations: $134,937

Recover Compensation for Serious NY Construction Accidents

Unfortunately, even when OSHA holds a company accountable for serious violations, the injured party or family that lost a loved receives no compensation for damages. You must take legal action in a civil court to be compensated for losses in a NY construction accident.

If you are seriously injured in an accident, consult with a construction accident attorney as soon as possible to understand your legal rights.