Seeking Legal Help for Serious Pedestrian Accidents

A New York pedestrian accident fatality in Harlem has increased the demands for greater safety measures to protect pedestrians.

As reported in a recent Gothamist article, a car jumped the curb and struck Jennifer Tolliver, age 38, who was walking with her 6-year-old son. They were on 145th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard when the driver lost control of his car and crashed into them.

The driver, a 68-year-old man, remained at the crime scene, and police did not charge him.

Sadly, Tolliver died in the hospital as a result of her injuries. Her son was also hospitalized and put into intensive care where he remained in critical condition.

The New York Post reported that Tolliver lived within two blocks of the accident scene.

The New York Pedestrian Accident Fatality in Harlem Raised Safety Concerns

According to news reports, Harlem Council member Kristan Richardson Jordan indicated they were calling on Mayor Adams to invest more efforts into improving Harlem’s infrastructure.

The intersection where Tolliver died was one of the most dangerous blocks in NYC. Data provided by Transportation Alternatives indicated that within one block of the site of Tolliver’s fatal accident, at least five people have died since 2011. Lawmakers are calling for the redesign of intersections along with miles of bike and bus lanes.

The DOT spokesperson responded by stating that the administration had committed to redesigning 1,000 intersections, upgrading frequently used bike lanes and urging Albany to increase camera enforcement.

While municipalities take action to improve the city’s streets, seriously injured individuals and families dealing with accident fatalities can seek legal recourse.

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