A tragic incident at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station recently killed restaurant manager, Steven Nelson who passed out in the basement of Legal Sea Foods restaurant. He was transported to Huntington Hospital and later died from a heart attack.

The New York Daily News reported the manager’s death stemmed from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a leak in the restaurant’s heating system. The assistant manager went into the basement to find him and she became ill as well. She spent a night in the hospital and was then released. Customers were forced to flee the restaurant and 19 people became ill as a result of the leak.

What are the legal implications for victims and Nelson’s family?

Negligence occurs when a responsible party’s failure to take action or provide care falls below what a reasonable person would do under the same circumstances. The NY Daily News article explains that the city issued the restaurant a summons for unsafe equipment and has closed the facility until it passes inspection after repair of the leak.

At this point, injury lawyers for victims of the incident would investigate, gather evidence and evaluate the prospects of pursuing a personal injury case. Anyone sustaining significant damages should consult with a Long Island attorney who deals with accident and injury cases. An experienced law firm can protect your rights and help you receive compensation to cover expenses.

John Fazzini is an experienced personal injury lawyer based in Huntington Station, on Long Island, New York.