Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as Reflex Symptomatic Dystrophy(RSD)that is a condition that is often triggered by an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, or medical malpractice.  If the injury that brought on your condition occurred because of another’s negligence and/or recklessness you may have standing to file a lawsuit.  Since there is currently no cure for CRPS, treatment  is ongoing and often very costly.  Many individuals who suffer from RSD/CRPS struggle to keep up with their medical expenses in addition to their normal living expenses.  And if you or a loved is suffering from this condition you may be wondering if you can recover for your pain, suffering and medical costs.

To evaluate a case for RSD/CRPS a personal injury attorney considers many factors relative to your condition including:

•    Whether your condition first arises after an accident, injury or traumatic incident
•    If the affected body part appears swollen, discolored, withered, atrophied, and painful
•    If your doctor attributes your condition to a recent accident or injury as the likely cause
•    If you suffered a previous injury to the affected body part
•    If you had previous neck or back surgery that resulted in radiating pain in the arms and/or legs
•    Tests that you have undergone to determine your condition, such as an MRI, triple phase bone scan, and thermogram, and the results of those tests
•    Whether or not the doctor who treated you is a specialist in pain management

Personal injury law requires proof that the defendant caused your RSD/CRPS and if a qualified doctor attributes your condition to that cause.  Therefore, your attorney must also consider the facts surrounding the accident or injury.
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